Stop Wasting Time Dialing by Hand and Get More Sales in Less Time!

Click any telephone number on your screen and it is instantly dialed for you!

Choose your Price per Seat:

$59 per month

Pay month to month

$49 per month

Pay $147 for 3 months
Save $30 quarterly

$39 per month

Pay $468 for 12 months
Save $240 annually

Truly Unlimited Calling to USA & Canada

When you reach a live person, you hear them say "Hello" and can speak to them immediately. If you reach a voicemail or answering machine, you'll have several options for leaving messages. You can move from call to call very quickly. You can change your Caller ID to any 10-digit American or Canadian phone number you wish.


No dropped calls!

No phone line needed!

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Dial any phone number on your PC Screen! Also works with:
ACT ! - LeadMaster - SalesForce - Sugar
FileMaker Pro and other CRM's plus
Simplicity Collection Software


  • Click Dialer
  • Click to dial software for quick calling of phone numbers you see on your PC screen, including CRM's.
  • Recording Conversations
  • Agents click a button to record conversations.
  • Scripts
  • Pre-typed scripts can pop up to assist you during the call.
  • Unlimited Calls on Unlimited Lines
  • Speak live or click to leave your personalized pre-recorded message on answering machines & instantly move to another call.
  • Supervisory Features
  • To silently monitor, whisper coach, barge-in, and record your agents.
  • Call Transfers & Conferencing
  • Transfer or conference calls to any number in the USA or Canada.
  • Caller ID
  • Display any 10 digit Caller ID you wish.

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Phone Lists?